FiiO FH1 – The art of miniaturization

The highlights of the FiiO FH1 at a glance:

  • Compact and consistent - Small size and maximum sound quality
  • Technically up to date - Combination of dynamic and BA driver
  • Comfortable to wear- Thanks to OverEar carrying method
  • Detachable Cables - Balanced or unbalanced, you decide
  • Colourful and versatile - Available in four different colours

The FiiO FH1 - A wolf in sheep's clothing


If you look at the FiiO FH1 for FiiO FH1 Herothe first time, you might think you have an "ordinary" InEar headphone in front of you. But far from it.

The FiiO FH1 is a sophisticated concept with a lot of exciting and innovative details. But first things first.

A real 2-way monitor

The FiiO FH1 doesn't only have room for one driver, but two. Not only two "normal" dynamic drivers, but also one dynamic and one balanced armature driver.

Balanced Armature? What's this?

FiiO FH1 BA-Treiber

This type of driver has the advantage that it is very efficient and provides a decent music signal even with little current, and it also sounds clearer,"faster" and more detailed. Only bass reproduction is not one of the strengths of BA drivers.

But in return, FiiO has integrated a second (in this case dynamic) driver into the FH1, so that in combination with the two drivers a frequency range of 15 Hz to 40 kHz can be covered.

High-quality and comfortable to wear headphones

FiiO FH1 Messingabschluss

The aluminium housing is flanked by brass at the most important points (the connection to the ear mouldings) in order to achieve maximum sealing of the housing.
In addition, the housing has a special, particularly skin-friendly coating that allows you to wear the headphones relaxed in your ear for hours.

To further enhance this effect, the headphones are not designed as a classic InEar but as OverEar headphones. The cable is not simply routed down from the earplugging headphones, but is routed over the ear.

This means that the headphones are not only comfortable to wear (because the weight is distributed even further), but also that the headphones always remain securely in the ear even under stress, for example during sports.

Removable cables - balanced or unbalanced

FH1 abgenommene Kabel

The FiiO FH1 lets you customize your headphones to suit your needs and music source.

Music from the smartphone? Take the 3.5 mm cable and connect the headphones.

Portable music player with balanced output? Remove th 3,5 mm cable, connect the symmetrical cable, and benefit from even higher channel separation and more power.

Practical remote control or pure enjoyment?

FiiO FH1 mit Mikrofon

One notices that the 3.5 mm jack cable has been optimized for use on the smartphone. A practical 3-button remote control with a microphone is also integrated directly on the cable. Practical and functional.

And anyone who values absolutely undisturbed music enjoyment will be pleased about the fully symmetrical 2.5 mm jack cable, which guides the pure music from the player to the headphones without any interruptions. Consistent and high-quality.

Useful accessories included in delivery

Not every ear is the same, and each person has a different idea of how the headphones fit best in the ear.

This is why the FH1 comes with a number of different ear moulds for exchange, so that you can adapt it to your personal preferences.

And a waterproof transport box is also included in the scope of delivery.

Show yourself from your colourful side

FiiO FH1 in vier Farben

In spite of all the seriousness, the fun shouldn't be missed out, so the FiiO FH1 comes in four different colours.

It is available in Grey Black, Sky Blue, Chinese Red or Emerald Green.

All you have to do is make a decision and enjoy.


FiiO FH1




20 Hz ~ 40 kHz


106 dB/mW


26 Ω


1.2 m


21 Grams


Black, Blue, Red, Green



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